Remove Blackheads With These 10 Home Remedies

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What are blackheads and what causes them?

Most people cringe at the sight of blackheads, a taboo topic for most acne sufferers. Blackheads are unsightly skin eruptions associated with acne. These occurrences are darkly pigmented, acne lesions, which consist of oxidized melanin. A specific type of skin cell, known as a melanocyte, helps contribute to this condition.


Blackheads develop when skin pores are physically obstructed by matter. Generally speaking, skin pores consist of both hair follicles and sebaceous glands as well. When these sebaceous glands produce excess sebum, an oily substance forms, creating blockages in the pores.


Sebum is necessary for skin health, as it moisturizes and hydrates the skin. However, when sebum fuses with dead skin cells, it blocks the pores. These clogged pores have a more technical name, known comedones, a phenomenon that gives blackheads their recognizable appearance. Because blackheads are exposed to atmospheric oxygen, they oxidize, when exposed to the elements, forming a darker pigment than whiteheads.


In some cases, the changes associated with puberty, menstruation, and even birth control may cause blackheads in some cases. Furthermore, the higher the concentration of androgen in a woman’s body, the greater the likelihood she will develop blackheads. Finally, certain skin products may contribute to the production of blackheads. This includes specific makeup, cleansers, and other products that block the pores. Sometimes, diet humidity and medication increase your risk for blackheads.


Of course, several myths are associated with blackheads. Some people believe that poor hygiene, or specific foods, are responsible for blackhead production. However, these assumptions have never been proven.




Acne is associated with physical and psychosocial symptoms in most cases. Blackheads can affect your self-image and your social life as well. Many people report a decrease in confidence, stemming from their battles with acne. This is often more pronounced during adolescence in which teens are more impressionable to negative input. Of course, adults suffer the traumas and embarrassments of acne as well. While blackheads are not inflammatory, they are noticeable, to say the least.


For example, some teens report a decrease in their quality of life, as well as psychological stress because of this condition. Many teens with acne believe their condition affects how others perceive them and treat the as well. Some studies have even shown that teen acne sufferers are more susceptible to peer pressure. Additional symptoms, associated with acne, include social avoidance (due to the embarrassment of acne), as well as bullying and skin irritation. As you can see, blackheads are more than a simple skin condition. They affect your confidence, your self-esteem and your relationships with others.




In this article, you will learn about several home-based acne treatments and remedies, designed to zap away your blackheads in record time. But, before you proceed with these remedies, you must first obtain a formal diagnosis from your dermatologist.


Prevention Tips


To improve your experience, you may also consider these practical prevention tips. For instance, you should avoid both tight clothing and oily makeup, which may obstruct your skin pores. Avoid harsh scrubs, which will not improve the condition of your acne either. While traditional treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics, have been used to treat acne from a medical perspective, there are natural recourses you can take to improve your skin.


Home Remedies for Blackheads


#1 Contrary to popular belief, baking soda is a potent remedy for blackheads. Specifically, baking soda compounds draws dirt, oil and impurities from the pores of your skin. As you learned, blackheads develop when excess sebum either clogs the pores of your skin or merges with dead skin cells. However, baking soda, and its cleansing properties, will pull that debris and excess oil from your skin pores. So, in addition to treating your blackheads, baking powder may prevent breakouts in the future.


#2 Green tea is more than just a beverage. Rather, it is celebrated for both its internal and skin related benefits. Using green tea, you can mix a homemade recipe for success. To eliminate your blackheads, you must create a paste, by mixing green tea leaves with water, stirring as needed. Then, apply this mask for a few minutes and wash your face clean. This concoction is designed will draw out both oil and impurities from your skin.


#3 Cinnamon is replete with amazing health benefits. So, it may treat those petulant blackheads on your skin. Cinnamon is known to flood the human body with antioxidants, while battling inflammation and counteracting the presence of bacterial infections. To utilize the properties of cinnamon to your advantage, add a teaspoon of lemon juice, cinnamon and turmeric to a mixture, applying it to your face for 15 minutes. If you do not have lemon juice and turmeric available, you may use lemon juice as a substitute for the aforementioned ingredients, along with cinnamon. Simply create a paste consisting of lemon and honey, apply it to your skin before bed, and wash your face clean in the morning. You should detect a slight improvement in your condition the following day.


#4 Oatmeal has been cherished as a sacred home remedy for ages. Supplying both internal and external health benefits, oatmeal is routinely used in recipes, scrubs, facial soaps and body soaps for its gentle, yet, effective health benefits. With this said, you may consider trying one of the following oatmeal combinations. The first concoction is simple-you just mix oatmeal with yogurt and apply it to your skin for 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can mix honey and oatmeal, scrub your skin, and wash it off after a period of 15 minutes. In order to truly reap the benefits of this remedy, you should repeat this process regularly. Finally, you may also create a paste containing lemon juice, olive oil (in moderation) and oatmeal, applying it for 5 minutes and rinsing your face clean.


#5 Lemon juice is an earth panacea for many conditions. It cleanses the body, prevents illness, and reduces inflammation as well. Using lemon, you can create your very own, skin enriching serum to battle the symptoms of blackheads. For example, consider exfoliating with a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and honey. Better yet, create a rejuvenating, facial toner by mixing rose water with lemon juice.


#6 Honey is known to have purifying and antiseptic properties. A honey mask is one of the most luxurious and appetizing ways that you can pamper yourself in the morning. If you have struggled to rid yourself of blackheads, then considering using a honey mask. Simply apply the honey to your skin, for a total of 10 minutes, and then wash it away thoroughly with water.


#7 Turmeric is a spice that is relished for its taste and rich mustard color. For ages, this spice has been used in South Asian food. It’s health benefits are remarkable, as it reduces inflammation, decreases fat production and much more. However, internal health benefits aside, turmeric does wonders for your skin. There are a number of ways in which you can use turmeric for skin related benefits. For example, consider creating a paste of milk, red sandalwood and turmeric as well. If you apply this paste for 10 minutes, and wash afterward, you will notice an improvement. Another method is simply to mix turmeric with and honey, and apply it as a mask for 15 minutes.


#8 Epsom salt is a very potent remedy for acne and blackheads as well. If you apply a mixture of epsom salt and water to a cotton ball, and dab your skin gently, you must notice an improvement over time, if this process is repeated regularly. Ensure that you remove the salt with a clean cloth, as not to contaminate your skin.


#9 When most people envision of cornmeal, skin care does not come to mind. However, corn meal has been known to draw impurities from the skin, remarkably enough. In fact, you can create your very own, anti-blackhead facial mask by using a mixture of cornmeal and milk. However, before you apply this creamy facial mask, you must expand your pores, by steaming them first. The steam will open your skin cells and permit the entry of oil fighting substances. Apply this mask to all areas needed and wash your face completely once you are finished.


#10 Tomatoes are one of the most effective but undervalued remedies for blackheads. Tomatoes happen to be filled with citric acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These fruits are so potent that they can be used individually, or paired with other  ingredients, such as lemon juice. If you mix tomato juice with lemon lime, apply it to your skin for a few minutes and rinse it off, you will surely but surely eliminate your blackheads.


Concluding Tips


Remember, your blackheads will not disappear overnight. However, if you are persistent and dedicated to your skin routine, your face will clear gradually over time. It is important to take preventative measures during your skin care regimen, to lower your production of sebum. Oily moisturizers and heavy makeups should be strictly avoided at all costs.  Furthermore, you must continue to wash your face regularly, and avoid abrasive scrubs if possible. If you follow these suggestions, and employ the tips listed above, you will notice a marked improvement in your skin.


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